3 Month Essential Play Subscription

Each online @ home Essential Play class is unique and themed from the story. Every class follows the same routine – children thrive on routine and are excited to understand and know ‘what comes next’. Children will participate in story time, music, movement, art, light experiences, cooking, massage, dance and visual experiences.

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Benefits – ‘LOOK, MOVE, LEARN’ fine motor development, numeracy skills, gross motor development, discovery skills, language development, visual skills, following instructions, self expression, listening skills, spatial awareness, attention span and FUN.

Our online @ home classes are active and passive, we want your child to get up and participate ‘LOOK, MOVE, LEARN’ our classes are suitable for children from 1 to 5 years.

Our goal is to inspire you @ home to learn, create, participate, try new things and feel proud of your achievements just as if you were at our Essential Play centre.

Subscription includes classes over 3 months with unlimited views – all classes will remain open to use for the 3 month subscription so you can choose when to watch/participate in a class. You will receive access to 12 new classes every 3 months, cancel your subscription at any time.

$100.00 inc. GST. every 3 months