Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Baby Tummy Time Tactics

World wide, paediatricians recommend playtime on the tummy for babies from birth.

  • “Back to sleep and front to play”.
  •  an important first stage of your baby’s development

Tummy time is a crucial stage of your baby's development & needs to be incorporated

into you baby's play time!! Don't let your bub miss this important stage: birth - 7mths.

Get the app NOW and start helping your baby's development today.

Imagine daily ideas to help you make the most of this stage of your baby's growth.

  •  a month’s worth of tummy time ideas to try,
  • reminder alarms to prompt you during your busy day to give your baby some tummy time.
  • After that month your baby will love tummy time
  • you will have a host of tactics to entertain your baby.
  • You can leave the alarm service on to keep reminding you untilyour baby gets to the                                                                            next stage-commando crawling!
  • Look out for “Tactics for Development” app.
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For support with the Baby Tummy Time Tactics App please email:     tummytimetactics@gmail.com

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