The Story Box

The Story Box

What is the Story Box

Literature Theme

At Essential Play we use quality children’s literature as our theme.

The Story Box


Each week we will be reading a story, and an item from the story will constitute our theme for the day. Our teacher will be looking into “the story box” to discover the mystery item. This is an early language activity and develops visualisation, imagination and comprehension.

We will provide the story box item for each child to explore and discuss. This means you do not need to bring anything to your class! You might like to follow up at home by reading the story again and pointing out the item. We will also provide follow up ideas for home in your child's portfolio.

Teaching Reading

Reading after the age of 6 years has 4 key elements

  1. Sight words
  2. Phonemic awareness & word attack skills
  3. Speed and fluency                                                    
  4. Patterns and rules of language

However, success is dependent on having a purpose and a desire to read!!

To what wonderful place will the book take them?

By reading to and with your child from birth, will help them learn about
  • the patterns and rules of language- eg what comes next?
  • rhythm (phonemic awareness)
  • timing - speed & fluency
  • sequencing (comprehension)

You don't need to teach your baby or child to read as such. In fact, by beginning haphazard "teaching" (and forcing of words or phonics) too early, can lead to failure. Early failure at reading will create a negative experience and can only be detrimental in the long term. Don't expect them to memorise the words or letters out of context. Discuss the story with them, talk about the characters, sequence the events, create opportunities linked to the story.

In every day life show them that reading is necessary. For instance , when shopping, talk about the signs, your list and point out familiar words eg shop signs and symbols. Around the age of 4 years as they start to recognise their name and letters within, point these out in other words or signs.

Read to them daily



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