Essential Milestones

Essential Milestones

What sort of play is important?


At Essential Play we provide quality learning opportunities for both parent and child. We have clean, specially designed under 5′s equipment and play activities, but we are so much more than a play centre. - See more at:

Whilst your precious child is having a fabulous time participating in a variety of fun activities, our teachers will explain to you why we are doing the activity and why it is important. They will provide you with a wealth of information on child development, answer questions and cut through all the hype- What things are REALLY important for children!

Every week your child will participate in activities to develop balance, vision,auditory,fine motor and gross motor skills. From babies through to school readiness, we know what is important for their optimal development.

“High quality early learning experiences during the infant and toddler years lay the foundation for later school success” Dr Shankoff,J. Harvard University 2009

“..all learning is linked to foundational movement activities that occur in the first years of life.” Bender 1976

Essential Milestones

0-6 years

Tummy time

(wiggle, lift head)


(front to back, then back to front)

Commando Crawling

(cross pattern)


(on all fours)


(cross pattern – watch for bottom shuffling)


(pull themselves up to furniture and walk)


(stand, balance and walk)


(cross pattern)


(from a standing position- defy gravity!)


(dominant foot -same as writing hand)


(not with a rope)

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