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vid1Baby Teething Symptoms & Relief : Cleaning Toddler Teeth

Once your toddler has a few teeth it is important to start cleaning those teeth. Learn how to brush and clean baby teeth with tips from an expert on parenting infants in this free teething video.

vid11-2-3 Magic Parenting: Two Biggest Parenting Mistakes

In the clip from the popular 1-2-3 Magic DVD, Dr. Phelan explains how too much talking and too much emotion by parents can ruin any child discipline program.

vid1How to Care for Children's Teeth

This short video teaches you the correct way to brush children's teeth giving them a healthy start toward a lifetime of good oral health.

vid1Reading Magic with Mem Fox

Reading Magic with Mem Fox

Essential Play is not just a “kindy gym” or play centre. It is a place where parents can learn about child development whilst spending fun time with their child in small group play sessions. These play sessions will be guided by highly qualified teachers.

“Childen learn through play, while parents will learn how to play!”

Research has proved that the first years of life are critical for later learning and behaviour. At Essential Play, parents will be shown what are age appropriate milestones and what activities will stimulate their child’s development.

We believe that parents are the child’s first teachers, and we aim to empower parents with the knowledge to support their child’s growth and progress through each milestone.

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